18 May 2010

Pulmakutseid / Wedding invitations

Viimased nädalad olen tegelenud kutsetega. Ilusaid kutseid, millest inspiratsiooni ammutada on nii palju. Aga et leida midagi, mis sobiks meile ja mida ma suudaks ka ise järele teha, on nii raske. Aga tundub, et lõpuks on visioonist saanud reaalsus. Näitan teile mõningaid inspiratsiooni allikaid ning paari katsetust.
Lõpptulemust peate veel ootama ;)
Last few weeks I've been working on our wedding invitations. There are so many beautiful invitations to get inspiration, but to choose one that suits for us and with our style and which I could make myself, is so difficult. But seams that finally we've reached from vision to final version. I'll show you few of my favorites and some examples, what I've made.
But, you have to wait for the final version ;)


Michelle said...

Oh they are sooooo Beautiful!!!!

I really wish you the most fantastic Wedding:)
and with this,
I am shore it will be!

Morrgan said...

Oh my, these are all beautiful!

evihan said...

very eleganttttt...wish you happpyyy and looongggg marriageee:-)

gr8jewellery said...

They are so beautiful! Best of luck with all the preparations!! :)

LeelaBijou said...

Oooh gosh, they are grorgeous!!

ira said...

Oh is getting there Moonika! I can't wait to see your wedding pictures now, it must will beautiful too:)

karin said...

I got your blog adress from Pattern review.
I´m going to Estonia in august, Tallin and Haapsalu and would like info on what to look at and where to shop. I´m into sewing, knitting and basically everything handicraft.
For some reasons guidebook do not give the full picture in this area.

PS Good luck with your wedding plans

viki said...

Nii armsad :D

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