18 January 2010

“Make something NEW” challenge!

Euroopa Etsy Tiimil on iganädalane väike võistlus-väljakutse. Ühe nädala jooksul peab midagi valmistama ning selle oma poodi üles riputama. Selle nädala väljakutse võõrustaja oli Renate aka Kreativlink. Ta mõtles välja ülimõnusa teema. "Tee midagi UUT". Uut ja erinevat sellest, mida tavaliselt oma poodi üles riputad. Ma pole nii ammu sellest võistlusest osa võtta ja Renate ei jätnud ka muud võimalust, kui ainult osaleda :)
Minu mitte-tavapärane ese on nõelvilditud kaelakee. Vildipallide vahel on erinevates suurustes puidust helmed. See on mu uus lemmikkaelaehe! :)

EuropeanStreetTeam in Etsy has a weekly challenge. You have to make something during one week according to given theme and post it to your shop. This week's host was Renate from Kreativlink. She made up a wonderful theme "Make something NEW". New and different from the usual, you have in you shop. I haven't took part of the challenge so long and Renate didn't leave any other choice :)
My something NEW is needlefelted necklace. Between feltballs are different sizes wooden beads.
I love my new piece! :)


Kreativlink said...

Wow! Such a beautiful piece!!
Thanks a lot for participating in the challenge! :)

gr8jewellery said...


maisy said...

so pretty - i love all these warm colours :)

Vilt à la Kim said...

very beautyfull!!

I love your background too. I am a bit curious: What is it?

Kuutydruk said...

Vilt - it's made after ancient board calendar. It's a huge wooden board and patterns are burned inside. Top above are name of the months, then moon stages, E T K etc are first letters of week days in estonian and number below are dates. There are small holes on each letter and sign. Every day you pick the small wooden pin and put on the right date and day and when the moon or month changes, do the same :)

LeelaBijou said...

really beautiful!

Epp said...

Very cute piece of jewellery! Too bad I missed this challenge, but I intend to take part in this week's "Cute and Petite". Not sure how this works though... I have never done it before... I probably have to do some background reading before partifipating.

Kuutydruk said...

Epp, of course take part! It's really fun :)
Sistem is really simple. Every week there's new theme and new host. And on Monday evening around 9pm in EST forum winner of the week and new theme will be announced.

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