17 September 2009

Treasure - Romantiline tunne / Romantic feeling

Mul on sel nädalal kuidagi romantiline tuju... :) Midagi erilist polegi nagu juhtunud, aga lihtsalt... Sügisõhtud on kuidagi ideaalsed romantikaks. Saab end kallima kaissu kerra tõmmata, panna küünlad põlema, käia vannis, panna midagi ilusat ja õrna selga... Olla lihtsalt uneline ja pilvedes :) Loodan, et see galerii innustab ja inspireerib teidki romantikaks. 1. Nyblaque 2. ingermaaike 3. Misspottery 4. PrinceDesignUK 5. TurkishBath 6. bonzie 7. Snowberrylime 8. staroftheeast 9. Sigmosaics I feel myself so romantic this week... :) Nothing special happened really, but just... Autumn evenings are just so right for romance. You can cuddle yourself into your sweethearts arms, light candles, take a bath, wear something beautiful and delicate... Just be so dreamy and head in clouds. Hope this gallery will inspire and encourage you also for some romance.


ingermaaike said...

Sure makes me feel romantic, will light the fire now to be even more romantic,
thank you for selecting my felt :-D

fleurfatale said...

oooh, what a sweet collection, romance is in the air!!

Star of the East said...

Such a gorgeous and romantic collection!
Thank you so much for the lovely feature!

Kuutydruk said...

Thank you for stepping in, girls! :)

Sandra @ Pepperberry & Co. said...

Hi there! I just wanted to thank you so much for your beautiful comment. It can be hard work keeping up a blog, especially when you're a perfectionist like me and really want the blog to be 100% useful, relevant and helpful! It makes the hours I spend putting it all together really worthwhile when I hear such lovely feedback. So thank you. I really appreciate it. And best of luck with the photos!

Sigmosaics said...

this is super beautiful and wonderfully romantic!!

thank you so much for including my mosaic :)
Kerrin x

X by Leina Neima said...

Kaunis ju tõesti ja romantiline :=)

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