30 September 2009

Uus ja värviline / New and colorful

Mäletate seda postitust? :) Rohkem ei kiusa ja näitan nüüd uut iludust oma Etsy poes. Tegemist järgmise läpaka taskuga. See on ilusates sügisestes värvides ja kaitseb teie elektroonilist lemmikut kriimustuste ning vähese niiskuse eest.
Tule vaata ka teisi linaseid tooteid traditsiooniliste arhailiste tikanditega.

Rembember this post? :) Won't tease you more and here's my new beauty in Etsy shop. It's another laptop sleeve. New cozy is in lovely autumn colors and will protect your electronic friend from scratches and little humid.
Come and check out other linen products with folk embroidery.


A. Jarrett said...

Love, love, love the laptop sleeve!

Kuutydruk said...

Oh, thank you so much! :)Glad you like it :)
But hey, you have an interesting blog. Gotta check that more closely :)

Emily said...

Your embroidery is so fine and beautiful! I just adore pretty colors embroidered by hand on a neutral linen. I think these laptop sleeves are a great idea!
~Emily xx

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