01 October 2009

Treasure - Music to my soul

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Täna on minu kalendri järgi muusika päev. Kuulake siis head muusikat ja tundke elust mõnu!

1. Jealousydesign
2. sjengraving
3. ElvesGarden
4. mjyglass1963
5. TheHouseOfMouse
6. QueenvannaCreations
7. CarolinaCottage
8. mydollgift
9. MetalTaboo

Accourding to my calendar, today is Day of Music. So, listen some of your fave CDs and enjoy your life!


Kreativlink said...

The day of music? Wow! :)

Star of the East said...

Had no idea about the day of music, but this collection is wonderful!
Wishing you a wonderful musical day :D

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful. Interesting for the day of music for it is such a melodious part of our lives. :)

ingermaaike said...

Happy music day :-D

X by Leina Neima said...



Malene said...

I never heard of the Day of Music either, but lovely idea and beautiful collection. Thank you for the inclusion.

Rheea said...

Wow.. I've never heard of music day but that's so cool! I can never imagine a day without music, so everyday is music day to me! hee.

Thank you so much for choosing my work as one of the collection. The little musician mouse is too CUTE!

Have a great day~

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