09 October 2009

Treasure - Teachers day - Õpetajate päev

Oktoober on õpetajate kuu. Ja täna on postiljonide päev :) Minu tänane galerii ongi pühendatud kooliskäijatele, õpetajatele ja postiljonidele. Mõlemad ametid on rasked, aga niii vajalikud.
Õpetajate päev oli üks tore päev. Õpilastele oli see selles suhtes hea päev, et ega tundidest sellel päeval eriti asja ei saanud. Asendusõpetajad võtsid asja suhteliselt lõdvalt ja enamasti olid sel päeval ka lühendatud tunnid. Õpetajad said end jälle lastena tunda ning abituriendid täiskasvanuina. Igati tore ja lõbus päev!

1. helisengezer
2. sabahnur
3. Kreativlink
4. jezek
5. TheHouseOfMouse
7. woolicious
8. Kirevi888
9. swiedebie
October is teachers month. And today is mail men's day :) So, my today's gallery is dedicated to all who go to school, to teachers and to all Post Office workers. Both jobs are very hard, but so needed and necessary.
When i was in school, every year there was special Teachers Day at school, where senior students switched places with teachers. They gave classes all day and teachers acted like 1st class children :) It was a great day for students too, as classes were shorter and substitute teachers didn't took their job very seriously either. It was a fun day :)


Kreativlink said...

Yay for all teachers and post office worker! And for featuring my journla here, thanks :)

Heli said...

Yay for teachers and mail men!
Thanks for including my bag here! :)

Sabahnur said...

when i was young i love my teashers so much but now meeting etsy i love postmans much more :)))

thanks for feauteringg

kirevi8 said...

Thank you so much fr including my felt purse:))

PALEOLOCHIC by Moira Neilson said...

It's all about giving and receiving! Beautiful and hard job(s)! Thank you so much for including my Box set!

ingermaaike said...

Where would we be without them? Such a fun list dedicated to those hard workers!

jezek said...

I'm glad that i was chosen into so wonderful set along with so wonderful works :) Thank you!

p.s. I also love postmans more now :)

Swiedebie said...

*bounce around* Coolness! yay yay yay for all teachers and wonderful hardworking workers! I must say, we cannot do without them.

I am very happy you feature Mitsy Monx in here, Moonika. Thank you sweet!

Emily said...

Teachers can mean so much and should have much higher status in society! They are just so important to the future generations! Wonderful selection!

Sevda said...

Aaah, i remembered i used to hurry to buy newest and in mode pencil boxes when back to school and i've bought a yellow one like here.
Good selection!

Shannon said...

beautiful! both professions definitely deserve more recognition. Well done.

fel4u said...

When I was a child I remember that my mother was always buying little gifts for my teachers.I used to work as a kindergarten teacher for many years and I was soooo happy when my students were bringing me presents so now I am a mother who is buying special little things to my kid's teachers♥
Thank you very much for including my initial pendant to you collection :)

X by Leina Neima said...


vadjutka said...

great selection!

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