15 October 2009

Treasure - Something tasty

Tänane galerii on pühendatud köögivaldkonnale. Kuna mulle endale meeldib köögis möllata, siis see teema on mulle väga hingelähedane :) Peale selle hakkan omale varsti kööki valima. Põrand on maas ja nüüd on koht, kuhu köök panna :) Varsti saab pannkooki! ;)

1. Artmind, Salt and pepper shakers - babuschka style, 50$
2. PetitPlat, Rainbow Sprinkles Donuts - E a r r i n g s - Donut Collection, 13$
3. Sigmosaics, Etsy Project Embrace - Little charcoal grey eggcup - mosaic, 16.50$
4. birribe, Tiger. Little striped tray, 21$
5. atelierOKER, Tingle Tangle Spoon, 4$
6. KajaDesign, Autumn is here - Big apples pinafore, 40$
7. LinenMe, Basket, 8.99$
8. dbabcock, Bottle Trio in Vanilla Azure, 125$
9. elisabethbentz, colander napkin pair, 18$

Today's theme is all about the things you could find in the kitchen. As i love to cook, then this theme is very close to my heart :) Besides, soon i'll start to choose a kitchen for myself. We have floor piles down and now there's a place, where to put my kitchen :) Soon there will be pancakes for everyone! ;)


ingermaaike said...

very delicious looking collection!

Star of the East said...

Fabulous finds, all fit perfectly together!

DeerLola said...

gorgeous collection of yummy designs !

Anonymous said...

They all look delicious!

Sigmosaics said...

Hmmm, pancakes! Thanks so much for the feature! :) mitsy

Hi Kuuty ... kerrin here :) this such a super tasty combination!! thank you so much for the feature :)

hugs and kisses from us both xox

Emily said...

how scrumptious!

Kaja said...


Thanks for the feature!

karuski said...

Oh, I can see you're in the kitchen today as well:) Lovely picks!

debbabcock said...

I love the clean and classy look of your selections, and am so pleased you included my bottle trio among them. Thank you!

LeelaBijou said...


Ayca said...

Gorgeous !

Stéphanie Kilgast said...

thanks for the beautiful feature :)

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