30 October 2009

Treasure - Dreaming...

Päikseline sügispäev. See paneb unistama :) Sobrasin oma Etsy lemmikutes ja leidsin sealt mõnusaid asjakesi. Räägin teile, mida ma selle päevaga peale hakkaks, kui ei peaks kontoris olema :)
Ma läheks hea meelega välja jalutama. Paneks jalga ilusad rohelised papud, mis sobivad hästi mu uue käekotiga ning aktsendiks oleks imeilusad kuldsed kõrvarõngad, mis helgivad nagu tänane päike.
Ma võtaks kaasa oma märkmiku ning istuks natuke mõnes õdusas kohvikus. Jooks ühe vahuse cafe au lait ja sööks kõrvale šokolaadi kooki. Õhtu veedaksin oma kihlatuga. Paneksin selga uhke kleidi ning juustesse lilleõie. Jooksime klaasikese veini ning naudiksime õhtut. :)

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Today is perfect autumn day. Sunny and a bit crisp. It makes me dreaming... :) I was browsing through my Etsy favorites and I found there really cute items.
I'll tell you, what I'd do, if I wouldn't have to be in the office.
I would get nicely dressed and go out for a walk. I'd put on my cute little green shoes, which go so well with my new green felted purse and add and accent with golden earrings, which shine like todays sun in a blue sky. I'd go to some cozy cafe. I'd have a cup of foamy cafe au lait with yammy chocolate cake and I'd write few ideas and inspiration to my journal. I'd spend the evening with my darling fiance. I'd put on my fancy dress and wear a flower in my hair. We'd have a glass of wine and would enjoy the evening :)


Swiedebie said...

Beautiful collection and the writing is very lovely and so well related to the items. Excellent job!

ingermaaike said...

What a wonderful collection again!

Kreativlink said...

Oh wow! I'm happy to see that my little journal has a space in your wonderful dream. May it come true! :)

lacamelot said...

Oh My this is beautiful! Sounds like a lovely movie. The choices all go so well with the lovely story.

Thank you so much for making my flower a part of this beautiful day.
xo La Camelot

DeerLola said...

Wonderful post ! So happy to be part of this dream... :)

Jackie said...

Thank you for including my bag. Its a lovely collection.

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